Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Me and my neighbor!

I own a small grocery and I have a neighbor who always buys canned food from me. I never liked my neighbor's life style to be honest though I was making good money out of him. Nevertheless, he hated me even much worse.

One day I bought him a plant and gave it to him saying that it's for courtesy reasons no more. After couple of months he said to me "your" tree is still alive (with a big smile) but I don't know how to take care of it. So he gave me the keys for the gate and the right to use what ever helps in growing "my tree at his"

Today I have my grocery flourishing plus a double space king size back yard garden with plenty of crop that I share with him. But you know what, he still doesn't know how to grow trees and still buys canned food from me!!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Iraq in the era of technocrats, the era of us with our dirty hands!

Finally and before getting retired, I am heavenly witnessing all across Iraq the rise of Public Management (PM) among the dominating Politics and Law!

Yes, the gap is almost 124 years since Woodrow Wilson called for the separation of powers in his famous "The study of Administration" in 1887. What can I say but only if it's never too late? Administrative Reform (AR) is the cure for administrative corruption but who is the one to do it?

It is the Public Managers/Administrators who can guarantee the efficient and effective delivery of public service and value, it's the "How" era no more the "What"! This is the era of technocrats; ones who need to get their hands dirty to do the job, ones who can "walk it instead of to talk it"

Today, I feel proud that I am a member of the Management studies family and that I contribute in producing the Know-How class of people; the Technocrats. By the end of the day, I believe I am aware of the associated challenges and that yes; "though it's not my turn, but it's my time for sure"!

Dedicated to my respectable tutors, fellow colleagues and dear students everywhere.
Dr. Heja Sindi