Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Less than six and more than four

Moment one

Moving ahead with the head down
comes across the roots and gradually
finds the self facing a colorful destiny

Moment two 

Few seconds were borrowed from spring
that occupied me for hours 
playing back each letter, every sound
even though it was about others, a clown or a puppet!

Moment three

Interrupt then courtesy then lies
as if we needed some sudden magic
to take us on Sinbad's mat
away to continue
the journey of true missing
of blaming
and asking...
Were you?
Did you?
Have you?

Moment four and five became one age

Eyes like heart beats
drums in a scary movie
watched by two kids
catching up with a fading eye contact
before the dream ends
A vacuum banged! 
nothing has left but
soundless faces
and lies kept on
smiles with no crescents  
while thoughts are wearing
googled eyes looking from
the back of heads
holding on  
to some hopes 
while whispering to the self 
the latter shouts 'WRONG!'
even to think of
the one truth
and that is
a 'want' to ask
Did you mean?
Were you? and
Are you still?

Monday, 20 June 2011

Always with you* By Heja Sindi

You earned your degree I am happy for you
A whole world in your eyes with great open doors
Let them know that you are the best let them see how you can fly
I know the feeling I have been there
Your toes feeling the steps your arms oaring the air
There you are in the coming years a flash at the end of a no end tunnel
Holding the hands of others talking about the stolen faith, the kidnapped promise
And how to find the hidden fact and how to fix the broken truth
And how to climb the shaking stairs to reach the sky to tip the moon
Put on your gown and proudly walk the line
Show them the pride in your shiny eyes
Make them hear the music of logic
Play them with mates an orchestra of wisdom
Farewell dear you know the road just follow the oath
A part of me will always be with you no matter how no matter where
Recall the best of what was said playback the themes in every test
No matter what storms you face out there a part of me will always be with you

* Dedicated to my graduated students

Sunday, 12 June 2011

You're the one!

They see you the only, I see you the One

How can I prove it, if only blind?

I sight you out of dozens

and brand you deep in mind

Hey, see your soul in my eyes?

See what you worth in my trembling thoughts?

Not the beauty in others’ mirrors

Not others desire that gets only thinner!

They whispered in your ears ‘He is Crazy”

It’s you I believe who know I am even more

How long does it take to make you believe?

I am here I am there I’ve nowhere to leave

Wait Wait! This is no bluffing!

Please take your shoot please come back soon

I’ll stop my watch and wait for you

I am here I am there, just trace the moon

I chase your smell on empty stairs

I say I miss you, I say I do

There is so much to tell so much to Hey!

They’ll whisperer to you ‘He’s Crazy’, don’t do!

If this is my sin then let it be

I have no shame so please don’t blame

I follow others who did the same

I sin I cry and wonder your name

My dear,

Tell my story cross the oceans

Tell them he is cursed cross the sky

Tell them he is insane I can tell why

But tell them I know he doesn’t lie

I’ll keep writing for you wherever you go

It’s not that I knew you and let’s forget it

You’re so the “One” that I always follow

I promise to write you however you show


17. May.2011

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Who likes playing, grownups or kids?

While talking to a colleague about a lecture on Politics at Work that am preparing, he goes saying based on someone's saying that:
“Matures think that children go for playing in the play yard, while in fact they go to work (workout)! Children on the other hand think that matures work when they go to work while in fact work for us is a game, a hard game that needs to be ‘played’ well” 
Well, pretty much interesting and pretty much true is what I see in his words.
P.S Will come back to add more to this note.