Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Education in Relation to Nationalism and Citizenship with focus on the case of Kurdish youngsters

A Facebook friend of mine (Idrees Mohammed) asking me on my wall about my today's live talk in Radio Duhok on "Education in Relation to Nationalism and Citizenship with focus on the case of Kurdish youngsters"

Idrees Mohammed: I think the Kurdish sentiment of nationalism has somewhat been affected by globalization though there are other factors as well. I missed the event but I would love to listen to it. Any idea if it's going to be repeated please?

Me: Not really. I can ask though. However, my view was totally different from the common "sentiment' one as I was tolled by some. One, I do not believe in the conventional communist kind of way of mass mobilization towards nationalism. Instead I advocate on healthy citizenship as an approach for healthy nationalism even in the case of emerging states like Kurdistan. Two, I disagree with the way some elites are dealing with the so called 'Youngsters Case' as if the latter are an unusual beast that needs to be tamed! Personally, I believe we need to provide them with 'qualitative' opportunities to be good and productive citizens, be to them good examples/role models in politics, leadership, education...etc rather than stereotyping, clear procedures and incentives for boosting small business for example (not only marriage loans!!!), equity in good education instead of 'equality in education for all' which has no meaning...etc, we need to think with them not for them, to provoke our people/youngsters to have a critical mindset instead of applying the caret and donkey metaphor by wanting them to be thankful to us for providing them with a shadow instead of a live and a fish instead of a fishing hook...and much more while expecting them to exercise 'sentiment nationalism'. These were some of the opinions which I presented; of course in a simpler discourse in order to reach out much of the audiences.

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