Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Less than six and more than four

Moment one

Moving ahead with the head down
comes across the roots and gradually
finds the self facing a colorful destiny

Moment two 

Few seconds were borrowed from spring
that occupied me for hours 
playing back each letter, every sound
even though it was about others, a clown or a puppet!

Moment three

Interrupt then courtesy then lies
as if we needed some sudden magic
to take us on Sinbad's mat
away to continue
the journey of true missing
of blaming
and asking...
Were you?
Did you?
Have you?

Moment four and five became one age

Eyes like heart beats
drums in a scary movie
watched by two kids
catching up with a fading eye contact
before the dream ends
A vacuum banged! 
nothing has left but
soundless faces
and lies kept on
smiles with no crescents  
while thoughts are wearing
googled eyes looking from
the back of heads
holding on  
to some hopes 
while whispering to the self 
the latter shouts 'WRONG!'
even to think of
the one truth
and that is
a 'want' to ask
Did you mean?
Were you? and
Are you still?