Sunday, 12 June 2011

You're the one!

They see you the only, I see you the One

How can I prove it, if only blind?

I sight you out of dozens

and brand you deep in mind

Hey, see your soul in my eyes?

See what you worth in my trembling thoughts?

Not the beauty in others’ mirrors

Not others desire that gets only thinner!

They whispered in your ears ‘He is Crazy”

It’s you I believe who know I am even more

How long does it take to make you believe?

I am here I am there I’ve nowhere to leave

Wait Wait! This is no bluffing!

Please take your shoot please come back soon

I’ll stop my watch and wait for you

I am here I am there, just trace the moon

I chase your smell on empty stairs

I say I miss you, I say I do

There is so much to tell so much to Hey!

They’ll whisperer to you ‘He’s Crazy’, don’t do!

If this is my sin then let it be

I have no shame so please don’t blame

I follow others who did the same

I sin I cry and wonder your name

My dear,

Tell my story cross the oceans

Tell them he is cursed cross the sky

Tell them he is insane I can tell why

But tell them I know he doesn’t lie

I’ll keep writing for you wherever you go

It’s not that I knew you and let’s forget it

You’re so the “One” that I always follow

I promise to write you however you show


17. May.2011

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