Sunday, 24 July 2011

Dohuk Tonight

an old man passes
in a fancy drive
by this hidden city
where hearts get ceased by jealous rips
and magical carpets full of tiny lights..
hiding lonely stories and innocent gossip
black gardens hanged by pearls
and stars..
hallowed by shying hopes
that's you tonight
my home town

same old plot, new passion
two masculine mountains...
staring at each other; who frees the captured soul
resting in between!
who lives there...
who smiles here..
who wonders if some one is thinking of you..
or doubts that someone cherishes another...
in my home town

Like every week at this time..
winds from the crowded capital
blow, push me, like a sail
then steadly cradled
by welcomig breezes
in early galleys of my town
gently pulling the drive
while scanning memories
chasing far away thoughts
of an old man
driving thru this highway
cross my home town

*photo of Dohuk from internet

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