Friday, 10 February 2012

Welcome back: By Heja Sindi

Welcome back
to the kingdom of shadows...
to admirers and jealous
to the chairs and tables
where nobody could miss
wherever turns the face

welcome back
where eyes envy soles
and blesses turn to gossip
there's so much noise here
someone sneaking behind
waiting for the one chance
crippling on stairs of time
a dream shoots in one second
while you are talking to else
whispering from behind…

Welcome back
from kingdom of rights
from the 'words is trust'
old faces with same smiles
same places but different time
welcome back
from ages ahead  
and generations marching
beyond the orange sun
gently hugged by the clouds
bringing you back home
to the kingdom of shadows...
to admirers and jealous
Welcome back!


  1. You are the best Dr. But do you know Dr. Your poem like your questions at the college we should think about 40 minutes and answer just about 5 minutes sooo hard due to that you are the best.

    1. Thank you dear Renas. I hope that you enjoyed it. Wish you all the best with your degree. Best!