Sunday, 25 December 2011

I don't care anymore

You think I forgot you
and have no more to write
well, deaf have tales of you and legends…
and eyes and gazes..
where breath stills tight

as no more cameras dare to shoot you
yet unsighted like me feel your presence
no stars hangout to wait for you
while moons get lost on shortest shores
no suns can find you to give up their frowns…
to borrow your  smile to wear it once more

I don't care anymore…
I have you with me closer than ever
what else do you think makes me happy?
than pile up all the 'missing' I've ever
and hand them over to you at once
in every trembling but thoughtful glance

I pass by this lonely Christmas tree
flower garlands and ribbons cut off 
as if it's you without your show off!
I don't care anymore
I have you forever
In Christmas...
In New Year, on trees and in songs
I see you in my books, in each drop of rain
I have you in all what's beauty and real
I have you wherever…I don't care anymore

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