Friday, 15 March 2013

The 12 “YES...BUT” by my Dad

My Son,

Help others… BUT not more than they deserve;

Be loyal to your workplace…BUT make sure that your workplace is loyal to you;

Respect your friends…BUT not before they earn it;

Be fair to your students…BUT not before they become fair to themselves;

Share others with your ideas…BUT not with those who would hijack them;

Please those around you…BUT do not believe all who smile at you;

Ask for the help of others…BUT not before they reach out their hands;

Be honest with others…BUT do not explain too much;

Motivate colleagues…BUT do not give more than needed;

Be friendly to others…BUT be aware of those with no friends;

Be serious at what you do…BUT do not make a skip goat out of yourself;

Be generous to others…BUT do not pay for what you have not done. 

Good luck!

Your Dad


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