Sunday, 7 August 2011

Do you mind?

If I know you well
without even living with you
and not even quarreling with you
or being able to make you smile

if I tell you that your gift
is a mask, that keeps many
from being able to touch..
your heart and
your sole

do you mind
if I become so plain
and tell you that..
you have no time for me,
I know..
that ..
you are not even busy
with your own dreams..
yes I know

and do you?
if I speak on behalf of..
your eyes
and tell others
to keep their misleading..
away from  you
and If I say to the whole world
that your absence
is what provokes, me
thinking more of you
more than if I see you

well, I guess you don’t
if I shout at him and her
to leave you
to set you free
from all the lies that
they have lived, yet
want you to share
with them

No, I guess you won't mind anyway

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