Thursday, 15 September 2011

Facebook: By Heja Sindi

 friendship request
another try... a cyber disguise
crossing a broken bridge 
where manhood falls down
and both of us know 
 firewalls of a minded culture
 burns whatever...
decent innocence 
friendship added!
please forgive me
I am not holding anyone
I am not close to anywhere
just a gipsy domain 
telling me lies  
where hands never touch
and eyes don't capture
yet minds are dragged into 
a sensible web

'Like'ing starts...cautious wait
time passes by
then comes the reply..
trrra rra!
Its a ':)' that opens
doors of captured hopes
 makes my day,
 keeps me high
and spiraled imaginations
behind a lousy screen

am talking to me
(whispering) should I... 
send at this late night 
an 'off line message' ? 
yes DO it
no DON'T..
be a clown :S
pride is one click away 

from this keyboard 
 and crowded senses 
at a 2am monologue 

'Tag' and wait then wait again 
then 'Poke'
a forth move
 keeping me in touch
whenever a 'Comment'
chases another
though silly
and tasteless words
and vulgar souls  
 can't wait
to see my reply
 'Facebook' or Closebook!
'Wall' is plain
heart in pain
no trace, 
no face
not even a.. 
'Check in place' 
silence on page
no move
no breath

Summer is over
back again

'Private Message'ing 
no matter what

or ':)' ing one another 
 while 'Share'ing a passion  
and joyfull :Ds 
hosting our chats with 
buried feelings 
 in Facebook pages 


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