Thursday, 20 October 2011

I amsterdam you: by Heja Sindi

Spin One
searching for myself
outside this tiny window
in that Dutch scene
where plates of cars
tell about their journeys
and rosy hopes showing me
the way 
to your once upon a time

Spin Two
lordly in looks
warm in welcoming 
thats what you are
I think my eyes caught you
on that bicycle
before you were pulled
out of this living city
to be turned into plastic
again where you don't belong

Spin Three
the captain spins 
and spins 
the wheel
then left
for a one inch move
like I do
to get closer 
a whole age
to the no where 

Spin Four
water in your canals
by true wishes
of a beautiful minded man
who left behind
his soul
in these canals
here between 
the twin sisters' houses
or the empires' 

Spin One again
I amsterdam you
though my windmill
has already spanned  
way ahead
in another life