Friday, 18 November 2011

In Another Life

When all who surround you freeze so I can drive your attention
When you come down one stair to make me climb ten stars for you
When you give up your pride for my honesty
When nobody preach you 'don't get closer' while nothing holds me from you,
in another life

When I am right in front of you even if you look at others
When I am right behind you and you still see me
When you become less skeptic and I become braver
When you trust me for granted so I dare to tell everything,
in another life

When 'illogical' now is simply your beautiful smile in another life
When we never misunderstand each other though ages away and never chat
When I am no more an icon to you and you are no more a 'Prohibited' sign
When I write less while you feel more,
in another life

When most is with you and less is with others
When time with you is 'always' and place is 'everywhere'
When you get older while I still see no one else
When I stop pretending while you stop ignoring
in another life

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